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An Unmatched Musical Weekend-2012 50th Celebration!

An Unmatched Musical Weekend-2012 50th Celebration!

When music of nearly a thousand young performers lets loose under one roof the weekend of April 13-15, the shards are likely to fly in every direction. From the romantic classics to punk rock, accordion to electric guitar, the New England Music Festival has pushed the imagination and self-confidence of its participants for 50 years now.

A special chance …

“Families are so busy today, but people get a chance to unwind, support their kids and be together.” — Sam Falcetti, ATAM member, Springfield, Mass.

Many have gone on to careers as music professionals, others to keep open a lifelong escape valve from their day-to-day routines. And many past performers will join their former teachers and present-day students when the festival — a creation of a handful of accordion teachers — celebrates its half century. Read More...